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"Megan Sterling", megan, sterling, etching, body, leg, tunnel book, unicycle, bucket body, wizard of oz
Rebellious Integration Participant:
Megan Sterling
"Behind the Curtain"
Multiple etchings & library cards collaged into a tunnel book

My work over the last few years has become figurative, focusing specifically on the point of contact of large-scale hands and feet to explore expansive aspects of liminal space, longing and confrontation of the body. More recently, the imagery in my prints has been evolving, still dealing with disembodied limbs, but now juxtaposed and/or interacting with other elements and animals from my former body of work involving fairytales to create peculiar and personally metaphorical narratives.

Behind the Curtain is a playful window into my own experience as an artist and teacher. The title references the great Wizard of Oz, who was, after all, just an ordinary man behind the curtain. I am not suggesting that I appear to be magical or powerful, but it relates to putting on a professional surface in order to integrate oneself into a teaching institution, while underneath, well, read what you will from the imagery.